is an online fashion boutique founded and created by The Monroe Sisters, a popular Chicago-based Natural Hair & Beauty video blogger duo. The notion of using “Queue” to describe the site is based on ideas of how trends are derived. Each time a new fashion trend is introduced, there was something before it, and there will be something after it. aims to continuously provide the most current, sought-after fashion trends for the modern-day Fashionista.

The Monroe Sisters, who are actual blood sisters, began their online presence in late 2010 when they each started separate YouTube channels containing instructional videos for women with Natural Hair. Now, with collective video views in the millions, their videos range from fashion, beauty and style inspiration to hair tutorials, events and even lifestyle. The Monroe Sisters are known best for their creative hair styling tips and fashion advice. is an online shopper’s guide to the trendiest finds in everyday fashion loaded with affordable items anyone can enjoy. Shoppers can also gain added value by visiting Style Queue daily for fashion-related inspiration. offers daily tips from The Monroe Sisters on how to wear each item on the site featuring suggestions, recommendations and detailed information on the products’ quality, feel and handling. What is so unique about is that there is a “Thrifted” section on the site called 119 Vintage where shoppers can score gently used and Vintage items, hand-selected by The Monroe Sisters, at a hugely discounted rate. This Thrifted feature gives visitors that “personal
shopper” vibe as each item is unique and exclusive to its buyer.

Style Queue, LLC is a responsible company that is focused on contributing to meaningful causes and shedding light on pertinent issues in its surrounding communities. ships using only environmentally friendly packaging consisting of 100% recycled material. The company also donates a percentage of its monthly earnings to Alzheimer’s and Diabetes research.